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Ronan Murphy and John Connolly of BM Transport are finally heading off on a much anticipated trip to Romania to bring gifts for orphaned children with Cross Cause.

The truck has been full stocked with bedding, clothes, food and other gifts and the excitement is high in BMT at the moment as prepared to wish the team a huge Bon Voyage.

Cross Cause is a very worthy Irish Registered Charity that John and Ronan are very proud to be involved with. It was founded in 2003 to work with special needs orphans in Romania and in recent years they have expanded to Africa and Eastern Europe.

They’re a wonderful charity that ensures 100% of the funds go to the underprivileged. Crosscause is staffed by self-funding volunteers and it always alerts donators of where their money is going to.

We think you will agree that their ethos is hugely commendable.

On behalf of John, Ronan and Crosscause we would like to thank everyone who helped to fundraise for the trip and those who donated gifts over the past number of weeks and months. Your generosity and support drives things like this that help people less fortunate than others.

So, finally, we want to give John, Ronan and the rest of team heading to Romania a huge ‘Good Luck’ and to thank them for sacrificing their time to support such a remarkable organisation.

Ronan and John will be keeping a photo diary of their trip which we will share with you on our Facebook page when they return.


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